1. ‘Hampstead Heath’

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    Good evening campers!

    This is a preview of my brand spanking new track, ‘Hampstead Heath’

    Haven’t always found London the easiest place to live and this song is about taking a moment amongst a sometimes overwhelming city.

    Had a lot of fun recording this (cello, guitar and vocal were all recorded on the original track, using a phone and one rode mic).

    Enjoy it and keep supporting local music x

  2. ‘Breakdown’

  3. ‘January 11th’


    …is on it’s way.10863895_10152784120429792_87518866601405176_o

  5. Last show of 2014


    It will be a cracker.  I’ll be opening for a good mate’s of mine band called The Moscow Trip.
    Chuck me an email and I’ll hold you a ticket.

    Excited to get out and play again- last 3 months have been writing lyrics and working in the studio

    Other than that, I should have some additional news next week x

    O and check out this video of a new track…

  6. Autumn is here

    And everything’s changing. We’ve moved flat, it’s got pretty chilly and work’s got busy.

    Enjoyed the tour thoroughly, as did Olivia, who’s since flown back across the Atlantic. Met some lovely people across the way and hope to be visiting them soon (am starting to book shows again). In other news, I’m also getting back in the studio.

    I’ve been doing a bit of collaborating for a couple of projects but need to settle down and get disciplined with studio time again since we’ve moved (find it hard to sit back in front of a laptop after being in front of it for much of the day).

  7. ‘Long Live The British Summer’ Tour

    tour B&W copy


    The fun starts tomorrow! Been great having Olivia over from the states- she’s been a great sport since I’ve needed to work during the day. Had two great rehearsals the past two evenings and we’re eager for tomorrow night’s first show.

    Most of my updates are done on Facebook so for those that do check this tonight, I’m happy to share the first secret gig is at the lovely Tigerlilly, in Leigh on Sea, Essex.

  8. Live music (17/8)

    Old Queens HeadThe summer is upon us (i.e. here in North London we’ve had two days of above 25C) and I for one am excited. The last 18 months of learning to record has been a slog- an incredible opportunity- but a slog all the same, and I am very much looking forward to the new itinirery of rehearse, travel, play, rehearse, travel, play.

    Four shows confirmed at this point and they are all at stellar venues, run by promoters that I have played with before and love music.

    The Troubadour, Earl’s Court 13th August
    Jam Cafe, Nottingham, 14th August
    The Chinnerys, Southend, 15th August (with drummer)
    The Globe, 
    wBrighton, 26th August

    [You’ll notice these blog posts are getting longer] Would love to see you at a show and to introduce Olivia Holguin (USA) who’ll be joining me at all the above shows save the final one before she whisks back off to New York. I’ll also be trying out some new material and using my new loop pedal. Meanwhile, get yourself excited by downloading Matt Gresham’s great track ‘Live Music’ by clicking on the picture. Much love and see you soon, Dan x

  9. Tour Update (10/5)


    Tour booking is coming along, slowly but surely. It’s been a tough balancing act between learning Pro Tools to make the new recordings come alive and sorting out venues in a month that’s not apparently great to be touring. Currently listening to Frank Turner and Billy Bragg in the studio to remind me why I try and spend all my spare time doing this.

    ‘Dream your dreams and go outside’

  10. welcome to 2014


    February already

    I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be touring the UK this year, in August.

    Meanwhile, listen to my last EP for free on Spotify.