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  1. Stop the Press

    1 May, 2020 by Dan

    My new single! 5 years since I wrote the demo, it’s ready for your ears.

    Can we believe everything the media tell us? Particularly when there’s politics in play…

    Coming to all streaming sites
    Friday 15th May

  2. t shirts

    21 June, 2019 by Dan

    To celebrate the anniversary of 10 years since I last had some T shirts printed (!)…. AND the release of ‘NOW’, I’ve had a limited bunch of these printed by Vinosangre and designed by the beautiful John Krewson.

    booking (at) dan crook.com to grab your self one

  3. Summer Shows

    3 June, 2019 by Dan

    Excited to have been invited to play a bunch of shows over the summer.

    Thanking God for unexpected opportunities in a season when I’ve not had time to hustle.

    Hope to see some of you there! DON’T BE A STRANGER.


  4. it’s here

    7 March, 2019 by Dan


    25 February, 2019 by Dan


    Getting to the final edits of the music video for ‘NOW’.

    Excited for all of you to see it- it’s looking GRAND.

    Featuring Bim (of recent Brit Award fame) and a lot of hard work in the background from Dan at DMB films, the video features shots from London, Southend and the Thames estuary.

    Keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks x

  6. new single

    17 October, 2018 by Dan


    Greetings friends.

    I’m very excited to announce that my newest single, ‘NOW’ dropped on November 16th.

    This is a song I’ve had in the pipeline since 2015 so as you can imagine, I’m feeling great about finally getting it released.

    Listen to it on your favourite streaming site here

  7. germany

    26 April, 2018 by Dan

    Just back from Germany and I’m still buzzing.

    Played an amazing rooftop show to about 75 people on Friday night. Food and Beer was great as always. Currywörst, ‘Hell’ lager and ‘Durum’ kebabs. BUT THE PEOPLE??! Met some incredible folk that are gonna change the world.
    I love the straight talking Germans- I love ’em so much.

    Let’s sort out a German tour soon? x

  8. fawm 2018

    23 March, 2018 by Dan


    I wrote 14 demos in 28 days over February again. It was awesome.

    They’re no longer online but I’m happy to share with you personally if you’d like to hear them.

  9. gigs and live videos

    10 October, 2017 by Dan

    Been out and about doing open mics in sunny Southend the last couple of months and it’s felt splendid performing again. Getting a few gigs lined up as well.

    Easiest way to follow the adventure at the moment is checking out my facebook page and signing up to my mailing list, where I’ve started posting live videos of the loop pedal in action. Thanks for following the adventure

  10. crook & lawetto

    24 August, 2017 by Dan

    I have a brand new project launching tomorrow with a good friend of mine, Mike Lawetto. We’re calling it ‘CROOK & LAWETTO‘. Think Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro vibe.  Very happy with how this track has come together and you can thoroughly enjoy it here, a few hours early.
    Follow us on facebook and share it about if you like it. If not, relax, it’s Friday x