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  1. Work under way…

    4 February, 2016 by Dan

    Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 16.09.54…on my next release with Uppah Music. I was in the studio last night and I’m getting excited with where the track is heading. It’s a perspective on the refugee crisis that I hope will bring more attention to a subject we can all quickly forget about.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been going through the archives of my old material from the independent days (!) and found some old music videos that I did whilst living in Perth.
    Sadly the videos aren’t quite good enough to share with the world but I took some screen shots of my favourite scenes- check my Facebook page for the rest.

  2. ‘christmas lights’ Music Video

    6 December, 2015 by Dan

  3. christmas lights

    4 December, 2015 by Dan

    Very christmas lightsexcited to present my first ever Christmas track, ‘Christmas Lights’.

    This is my first release with my new label, Uppah Music. It features on a compilation album of Alternative Christmas tracks entitled, ‘Christmas Box, Vol. 1’ released today.

    ‘Christmas lights’ highlights my battle with enjoying the holiday, whilst realising I can make a significant difference by not becoming completely self absorbed.

    I hope you enjoy it and that it helps provoke some fresh thoughts and perspective on Christmas.

    Video to follow!

  4. no news is good news sometimes

    12 October, 2015 by Dan


    FAIR PEOPLE. Many exciting new demos being written. Highlights include a Christmas song, a song about a boat and a song about catching a fly. Follow the journey on my Facebook page and click spotify image for list of songs I’ve been referencing for inspiration since the summer.

  5. some exciting (!) news

    26 June, 2015 by Dan

    I’m flipping excicontractted to announce that last Friday, I signed a recording contract with Uppah Music.

    It’s been in the pipeline for a few months now but having had a good chance to pray, get advice from some trusted individuals and make sure this is something I can fully commit to, I’m excited to crack on and start on a new adventure

    Love, Dan

  6. The Troubadour

    5 May, 2015 by Dan

    TroubadourExcited to play The Troubadour for the second time on May 20th.

    Played here on tour last year and the sound engineer was probably the best I’ve ever had at a show.
    Promoter is also a top guy so I’m expecting another great atmosphere.

    Facebook event and more info can be found here.

  7. o2 Academy Islington

    by Dan

    FullSizeRender 5

    Thanks to all those that came down last Saturday to my show at the Academy 2.
    Been super busy with recordings and gig bookings recently but will aim to put more up here more regularly.




  8. WHY BUY?

    22 April, 2015 by Dan

    I’m confused.

    As artists, specifically musicians, should we now in 2015 just put songs on every medium? Why not right? Chuck it up on Spotify, iTunes etc. That way everyone can hear it right? Instant reach, more chance of more hits, more fans….you may not make more than 0.1p for a track streaming on spotify or 30p (after 3 months) with iTunes but down the road you’ll have more fans at gigs right?

    And you might get spotted by a selfless independent label who’s ruthlessly searching for the next best thing. We all know they’re trawling through soundcloud right now.

    2013. Streaming on the increase and download sales fall.

    2014. Most people have Spotify who have just seen a 43% increase in people signing up for premium accounts (9.99 for unlimited listening including being able to make offline playlists).

    Talent ultimately wins through though right? As long as you keep at it, one day one of your songs will get heard by the right person.

    2015 Tidal launches. Fanfare of celebrity musicians launch artist streaming site for artists. More revenue for artists right?
    No sign of. Yet.

    I’m angry.

    But I’ll get over it. It’s the seventeen year old in school who’s just written his first song. Maybe streaming will help him though…he’s automatically gotta massive potential fan base at school. My concern was that if he then he leaves school and tries to get out an tour/play some shows outside of where he’s from, he’d give it up earlier than he would have done 5 years ago, cos how can he sustain it? No-one’s buying CDs…he can’t fathom making 50 t shirts just yet and he’s almost paying the promoters to play the shows, let alone the other way round.

    I’m not making music to make money but the next few years look bleak for independent artists.

    Let’s focus on getting signed.



  9. ‘Hampstead Heath’

    19 April, 2015 by Dan

    FullSizeRender 3

    Good evening campers!

    This is a preview of my brand spanking new track, ‘Hampstead Heath’

    Haven’t always found London the easiest place to live and this song is about taking a moment amongst a sometimes overwhelming city.

    Had a lot of fun recording this (cello, guitar and vocal were all recorded on the original track, using a phone and one rode mic).

    Enjoy it and keep supporting local music x

  10. ‘Breakdown’

    7 March, 2015 by Dan