I’m confused.

As artists, specifically musicians, should we now in 2015 just put songs on every medium? Why not right? Chuck it up on Spotify, iTunes etc. That way everyone can hear it right? Instant reach, more chance of more hits, more fans….you may not make more than 0.1p for a track streaming on spotify or 30p (after 3 months) with iTunes but down the road you’ll have more fans at gigs right?

And you might get spotted by a selfless independent label who’s ruthlessly searching for the next best thing. We all know they’re trawling through soundcloud right now.

2013. Streaming on the increase and download sales fall.

2014. Most people have Spotify who have just seen a 43% increase in people signing up for premium accounts (9.99 for unlimited listening including being able to make offline playlists).

Talent ultimately wins through though right? As long as you keep at it, one day one of your songs will get heard by the right person.

2015 Tidal launches. Fanfare of celebrity musicians launch artist streaming site for artists. More revenue for artists right?
No sign of. Yet.

I’m angry.

But I’ll get over it. It’s the seventeen year old in school who’s just written his first song. Maybe streaming will help him though…he’s automatically gotta massive potential fan base at school. My concern was that if he then he leaves school and tries to get out an tour/play some shows outside of where he’s from, he’d give it up earlier than he would have done 5 years ago, cos how can he sustain it? No-one’s buying CDs…he can’t fathom making 50 t shirts just yet and he’s almost paying the promoters to play the shows, let alone the other way round.

I’m not making music to make money but the next few years look bleak for independent artists.

Let’s focus on getting signed.



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