Live music (17/8)

Old Queens HeadThe summer is upon us (i.e. here in North London we’ve had two days of above 25C) and I for one am excited. The last 18 months of learning to record has been a slog- an incredible opportunity- but a slog all the same, and I am very much looking forward to the new itinirery of rehearse, travel, play, rehearse, travel, play.

Four shows confirmed at this point and they are all at stellar venues, run by promoters that I have played with before and love music.

The Troubadour, Earl’s Court 13th August
Jam Cafe, Nottingham, 14th August
The Chinnerys, Southend, 15th August (with drummer)
The Globe, 
wBrighton, 26th August

[You’ll notice these blog posts are getting longer] Would love to see you at a show and to introduce Olivia Holguin (USA) who’ll be joining me at all the above shows save the final one before she whisks back off to New York. I’ll also be trying out some new material and using my new loop pedal. Meanwhile, get yourself excited by downloading Matt Gresham’s great track ‘Live Music’ by clicking on the picture. Much love and see you soon, Dan x

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